Becket Chambers
Three websites and over 300 case studies driving enquiries to a Barristers’ Chambers

The challenge

Becket Chambers is a modern Chambers serving clients in courts and tribunals across Kent, Sussex and the south east of England. Initially we were asked to write content for the corporate site which would showcase the experience of their growing team of barristers, and highlight the areas of law in which they operate. Legal case studies present a particular challenge – telling a strong story without compromising confidentiality.

What we did

Loris Clements Ltd worked together with the Senior Clerk, as well as meeting and interviewing each Barrister.

  • Barrister profiles – we developed a common structure for the profiles, focussing on areas of specialism, and interviewed each barrister before writing their profile
  • Areas of Law – clearly identifying the areas of in which Becket Chambers’ barristers operate and specialise, and creating a simple way to keep track of case studies as the numbers grow
  • Case studies – creating over 300 short case studies which clearly highlight each barrister’s successes, key strengths and areas of expertise

Following completion of the main Becket Chambers website, we were asked to work on two further, linked sites, for specific audiences:

  • Direct to Barrister website – a second site, re-purposing information for clients who wish to use the relatively new system of working directly with a barrister for certain types of cases
  • Mediation website – a specialist site for couples involved in divorce or separation

The result

Becket Chambers now has a complete set of linked sites targeting the appropriate audiences for each area of service – supporting clients via a solicitor, working directly with clients, and a specialist mediation service.

  • well-structured site which supports digital marketing activity
  • over 300 case studies highlighting areas of expertise


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