About Us

“Without doubt, my first call for anything to do with copywriting and branding.” Roger Woodcock, Consilio Consulting

We heard from some of our clients that they’d love to outsource their copywriting, but that finding top-quality, reliable writers who could deliver a brief had been a challenge. They also told us they needed help to understand how to strengthen their brand through their communications – but had trouble finding writers who understood brand strategy.

This is a network of experienced branding, marketing and copywriting professionals, making use of the exciting possibilities afforded us by mobile technology, which allow us to be based anywhere and everywhere whilst still performing as a close-knit team. It means that you can access the brand communications expertise you need (all under one roof, as it were). Like a traditional agency, we’ve got systems and processes in place to manage your work so you can be confident we’ll deliver –  but because we’re virtual you don’t pay for expensive overheads.

You don’t have to waste your time trying out different people – we’ve done that for you, building a network of tried and tested professionals, and will guarantee to deliver. And unlike working with a single freelancer, there’ll always be someone available. So you’ll find we charge a little more than the average freelancer – but working with us will give you peace of mind and confidence.
This is a business founded on the belief that it’s possible to combine big agency and major client-side experience with a flexible, freedom-based style of working. It’s about developing the kind of relationships that our clients value – relationships that allow us to understand your business and create communications that get results.

About The Team

Loris Clements
Director and Head of Copy, Strategy and Creative

Loris is the company founder and director, having realised after 25 years – first in brand consultancy (including leading WPP agency The Partners), and latterly in a senior University marketing role – that work was much more exciting when you could take it anywhere you wanted. She combines a love of words with an understanding of what makes and drives a strong brand, as well as a passion for excellent design. Loris leads on all projects involving strategic brand development, as well as being responsible for overall quality control.

When she’s not indulging her obsession with all things vintage, she likes nothing better than to nose around inside other peoples’ businesses, ensuring she understands what they’re about before helping them deliver great communications.

Peter Benson
Senior Copywriter

Peter has over 25 years’ experience of creating effective copy – for agencies including JWT and Pink Squid, working with clients including Jaguar Land Rover, Barclaycard and Nando’s. He divides his time between his home in Devon, where he enjoys trawling the local antiques shops for curios to add to his collection, and a windy Scottish island, inventing solutions for preventing his fence from ending up in Oslo. One of his proudest moments is achieving Grade 5 cello, with Distinction.

Edward Higgins

Edward is a versatile writer, SEO content creator and social media expert with major brand experience. His experience includes overseeing the 5-million bestselling Bluffer’s Guide book series, and writing for on award-winning TV shows (Dave Gorman’s ‘Modern Life is Goodish.’ on Dave). As Editor in Chief for the Bluffer’s Guide he increased their Twitter following more than 8-fold in his first 12 months. We don’t hold it against him that he’s also responsible for the ‘Bluffer’s Guide to Social Media’, not at all.

Hazel Clements
Proofreader and Editor

Yes, we like to keep it in the family, and with a highly trained proofreader on hand, why would we look any further? Before joining us, Hazel was a board level manager in Purchasing, which comes in handy when we need to be reminded about how to do things properly. She spent 8 years renovating and living in a small French chateau (she would strike out that description as inaccurate, but if you want proof, we’ll send you a photo), and now lives on the south coast of England, whilst spending as much time as she can in Australia with her daughter and grandchildren. Hazel seems to enjoy proofreading at 35,000ft. We don’t get it, but if it works for her…